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Dhanishtha ~ India's youngest cadaver donor ~ The finest example of humanity

Let's talk about  Dhanishtha ~ India's youngest cadaver donor ~ The finest example of humanity. Dhanishtha from Delhi's Rohini is became the  youngest cadaver donor in India.  Read Also:-  Justice for Tanvi Dayal - Victim of domestic violence Only twenty months old Dhanishtha , has fell down from balcony at her home while playing. Then her parents brought her into Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Jan 8th.  Dhanishtha ~ India's youngest cadaver donor ~ The finest example of humanity After the best efforts of the doctors, she didn't regain the consciousness. The doctors declared her brain dead on 11th jan.  While seeing the predicament of other admitted patients in the hospital, made the parents of the Dhanishtha to donate the living organs of her and save others live.  Her parents said:   "We had already lost our loving child , and we didn't want others to suffer the same misery. Hence we asked the doctors to retrieve Dhan
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Justice for Tanvi Dayal - Victim of domestic violence

   Justice for Tanvi Dayal - Victim of domestic violence This is the perilous incident of Domestic Violence in National Capital- Delhi ,   Domestic Violence is still a crucial issue in all over the world. Domestic Violence is one such reality, oppressing millions of women in India & around the world . I think that the humanity is getting totally disband now a days. Also Read:- The Bride is Dowry  Justice for Tanvi Dayal: Tanvi Dayal , 30 years old, mother of two small kids, she is fighting for her life on ventilator and she is brain dead now after the injuries she suffered. She is the victim of Domestic Violence.  She is brutally beaten by her in-laws and now her husband's family is trying to hide this matter.  According to her mother , her son-in-law asked her for 20 lakh rupees, But the girl Tanvi denied for that and that is the reason she is  now on ventilator. She was admitted in a local hospital by her in-laws. They took her there, just to collect the death

Life of widows in India: "The city of widows"

"Saubhagyavati Bhava" a blessing given to married Hindu women, so that they may spend their whole lives married but when these women outlive their husbands same blessing turns into curse . Do you know there are 40 million widows in India , that is 10 per cent of country's population.  Also read:- "Say No to OLD AGE HOMES" Why are widows considered inauspicious? According to an old Indian superstition, a widow's sins are to blame for her husband's death. As a result, widows face a lifetime of atonement. They have to cut their hair short, wear joyless white mourning saree, and they are prohibited from attending celebrations and social events.  Some families force widows to leave their homes and beg in the streets. widows become untouchable , invisible and ignored, as many feel they bring bad luck.  Also read:-  The Bride is Dowry Some parts of Indian society consider widows to be inauspicious. When a women becomes a widow, many families

Importance of farmers in India ~ The backbone of Indian economy

The food we take with our five fingers into the mouth is the hard work and sweat of the farmers, who works in hot sun and the farmer works not till the Sun goes down, but till the job is done.  Yes the farmers are backbone of Indian economy and we can't stand straight if our backbone is broken. The farmers hard work not only brings food to the people, but also brings revenue to the country due to the farm output.  Let us see some facts which tell the real value of the farmers in our country. ➤ India ranks 2nd in largest farm output in the world. Also India is the 7th largest agriculture exporter worldwide. ➤ In 2013, India exported 25275 billion INR worth of agriculture products that is more than double the combined exports of the European Union.  ➤ India ranks 2nd worldwide in rice and wheat production, also India is the highest milk producer in the world. Dairy industry contributes around 115,000 crores INR to the national economy.  ➤ India is

Anyone can do something to help someone!

Helping someone is considered one of the best thing in the world. Some people help others with money, while some help someone differently.  But in this video that is going viral on social media these days, a young man has given such help to a disabled person who is hardly heard or read. Now someone is praising this young man now. Actually, a disabled person was begging at Connaught Place in Delhi. Then a young man passed from there. Seeing the Divya begging the young man started doing stunts in front of everyone. By which people give him money and he can help the Divyang youth.  On seeing all the crowds gathered there. Many of them gave him money which the stunted youth gave to the Divyang. This video was shared by IPS Officer Dipanshu Kabra from his Twitter account. While sharing this video, he wrote in the caption, 'Anyone can do something to help someone' Just watch this video and share with everyone.  Help others in the way like we help ourselves. Thank y

Are you also want to be rich? Just try this

There was a materially poor man who once approached a sage. Some people say it was the Buddha. And asked him: "Why I'm so poor ?" Then the Buddha said "Probably because you don't practice generosity." You don't practice for charity, may be that's why you're so poor.  He was little upset by this response. The man was shocked, charity? I don't have anything to give, then how can I practice for charity?  The Buddha replied, "Who said that you don't have anything to give?" Actually you have five very precious gemstone, that you must share with everyone.  1) First you have your smile: Which you can share with others, it's free of cost and it's awesome. And it has an amazing impact on others.  2) Second you have your eyes: You can look at others with eyes full of love and concern, and make them feel cared.  ➤ You may also like 👉 Support local vendors~ be vocal for local 3) Third you have your tongue: With your tongue you c

World kindness day 2020 - kindness quotes

What does "kindness" mean to you? November 13th is World Kindness Day , and we're asking you to spread a little kindness, whatever that looks like for you, on World Kindness Day , and every day. As we celebrate World Kindness Day on 13th November , let’s take time to reflect on how we can make a difference. Let’s reach out to those who need help and volunteer for causes that change us for the better, just as they change the world. World Kindness Day is an international observance on 13 November. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement , a coalition of nations' kindness NGOs. It is observed in many countries, including Canada, Australia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. Singapore observed the day for the first time in 2009. kindness quotes : Nobody forgets an act of kindness Be kind to someone today. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and blind can see. Each time I perform an act of k

"Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege"

Dear readers as we know that winter is coming and hope you all have purchased new winter clothes for you and your loving ones. But what about your old unusable clothes? Which can be use but you bought new one that's why you are not going to use them again.  But have you ever think about those less fortunate people who have no shelter, no blanket, no shoes and no warm clothes?  The world had 872.3 million people below the new poverty line, of which 179.6 million people lived in India. As many as 10,933 Indians "An average of 781 per year" have died over the past 14 years between 2001 to 2014 due to cold and exposure.  Also read:  Support local vendors~ Be vocal for local We buy a lot of clothes throughout the year. And if we notice, a good amount of clothes lie untouched in our wardrobes. Why dump them when there are millions of under-privileged people in this world struggling to get enough bread to live for the next day. Please, donate your o

Support local vendors~ Be vocal for local

Let's support our local vendors and be vocal for local vendors. Baba ka dhaba I'm hardly sure that you must be heard about  "BABA KA DHABA",  that is highly trending now a days. The "BABA KA DHABA", is situated in South Delhi at Malviya Nagar,  the food vlogger Gaurav Wasan had made their video that was getting viral on social media. In that video the aged couple was selling food in South Delhi and they were aggrieved with the low customers at their dhaba, thus they were in huge gloom.  After watching their video, there are lots of people who came forward and helped them and decided to go their Dhaba. Also they were listed by ZOMATO for online food delivery. Thus just because of some good people, the "BABA KA DHABA" got famous.  Baba ka dhaba is everywhere The motive to share this post is that, "Support local vendors~ Be vocal for local", you can see this kind of baba and maa is everywhere in your street and your locality, those who s

Good and bad touch ~The secret touch

 As everyone knows that education is one of the most important aspect for all of us. Without education a person is like a withered tree. But along with education, adolescence education is also most important to know everyone.  Adolescence education is an educational response to the needs, concerns and realities of adolescents but before the adolescence education in schools, it is very important to conduct the pre adolescent educational program and make the children understand the difference between  good and bad touch or safe and unsafe touch. Recent mishaps related to children security have proved that it is very important to not only take care of the surrounding of our children but also to make them aware about it.  Child sexual abuse is the worst problem of our society. Every day we hear cases of sexual abuse or rape. Many children has to become victims of this  problem. Though most of parents are educated today till they feel hesitate to talk to their wards